For much of the year, liturgy planning happens in smaller, language-based groups and is specific to the nature and culture of our different mass celebrations.

The Liturgy Committee for the parish as a whole comes together to plan our International Masses and is representative of all of St. Michael’s language and cultural groups.

Intended to be a collaborative prayerful experience, the committee tends to select a theme for the liturgical season and plan celebrations related to this message. Reflection on the themes of the readings and discussion of these is a common starting point.  Decisions re how to incorporate all languages and make the masses accessible to all of our members is a strong part of the planning. This may, for example, include the development of program booklets with readings and music lyrics in all languages to facilitate understanding and participation. Readings and prayers of the faithful alternate in languages and homilies are in as many languages as possible.

The intent is to incorporate members of all of our language and cultural groups as well as our youth into the celebration through the readings, music, offertory, processions as needed, and in the preparation and planning.